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《How to Build a Startup》是由 Y Combinator 孵化器、斯坦福大学 CS183B 课程联合推出的创业课程,目的是从基础开始教授创业者应该如何创业。



1.1 视频课程

1.2 阅读资料

  • Advice for Ambitious 19 year olds by Sam Altman(英文/中文
  • Good and Bad Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur by Dustin Moskovitz (英文/中文
  • Stupid Apps and Changing the World by Sam Altman(英文/中文
  • Do things that Don’t Scale by Paul Graham(英文/中文))


2.1 视频课程

2.2 阅读资料

  • How to Get Startup Ideas(英文/中文
  • Excerpt from Steve Jobs’s 1995 interview with Computerworld’s Oral History Project (12:11)( 英文/中文)
  • From Failure to $37M in Funding with Adora Chueng(英文/中文
  • Why Startups Need to Focus on Sales, Not Marketing by Jessica Livingston(英文/中文


3.1 视频课程

3.2 阅读资料

  • Chapter 3-5 of “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel(英文/中文
  • The only metric that matters by Josh Elman(英文/中文
  • How we put Facebook on the path to 1 billion users (39:11)(英文/中文)
  • Does Slow Growth Equal Slow Death? by Joel Spolsky(英文/中文
  • A Recipe for Growth: Adding Layers to the Cake(英文中文
  • Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Early Days: Go Hard or Go Home|英文/中文
  • Secret Behind Pinterest’s Growth Was Marketing, Not Engineering, Says CEO Ben Silbermann(英文/中文
  • Growth Account & Triangle Heatmap Explaination(英文/中文)
  • Startup = Growth(英文/中文
  • Chasing Facebook’s Next Billion Users(英文/中文
  • Ready to Grow Breakout Session(46:28)(英文/中文)

4.1 视频课程

4.2 阅读资料

  • Your App Makes Me Fat by Kathy Sierra(英文/中文)
  • What Makes a Design Intuitive by Jared Spool(英文/中文)
  • Creative mornings with Ben Chestnut(42:02)|英文/中文)
  • BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model(英文/中文
  • Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema(英文/中文)
  • The Sanctity of Marriage (英文/中文)
  • Creating Passionate Users by Kathy Sierra(英文/中文)
  • What Makes Marriages Work by John Gottman, Nan Silver|英文/中文)
  • The Press is a Tool by Alexia Tsosis(英文/中文)


5.1 视频课程

5.2 阅读资料

  • Why Software is Eating the World by Marc Andreessen(英文/中文
  • How to Convince Investors by Paul Graham(英文/中文
  • How to Raise Money by Paul Graham(英文/中文
  • LinkedIn’s Series B Pitch to Greylock by Reid Hoffman(英文/中文
  • The Happiness Culture: Zappos isn’t a company, it’s a mission(英文/中文
  • Don’t Fuck Up the Culture by Brian Chesky(英文 /中文
  • Ron Conway’s Recommended Readings(英文/中文)


6.1 视频课程

6.2 阅读资料

  • What’s It Like to Work for Stripe by Alex Maccaw(英文 /中文
  • How to Hire by Sam Altman(英文/中文
  • The Continuous Productivity of Aaron Levie, MIT Technology Review](英文/中文)
  • Robert Cialdini’s six principles of influence(英文/中文
  • Marc Andreessen on the Future of Enterprise by Alexia Tsosis](英文/中文)


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